Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rimu Runs Riot

TIS had the School Cross country on Wednesday the 10th of June. Everyone participated and we got some great results for Rimu. The Year 7 girls went first and in 1st place  was Jamiee, Rimu  Anaya ,Rimu and Emily from Totara. Meanwhile, the Year 7 boys were running, first came Callum,Rimu Corban, Rimu and second Ryan from Miro.The places for year 8 girls were Hannah, Kauri, Ellie from Rimu and Paige from Rimu. The places for year 8 boys went Baxter, then Oliver, Rimu and  Thomas from Totara. It was a really fun day and the attendance was great everyone put in their best effort.

By Oliver

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Trip to the Art Gallery

19th of May, we went to the Tauranga Art Gallery to learn about wildlife photographs and photographers. Quite a lot of winning photographers were younger than us, and they used various skills like lightning and black and white photos. After we looked some wildlife photos, and chosed favourite photo, our next course was to learn about ‘texture’; Our special exercise was to create pictures that has a soft, rough or smooth texture like 3D or real life animals. First step was to draw a simple animal on one piece of paper. Then, We cut out positive space of picture. We had to be careful to not to cut negative spaces. Next, we drew an outline of our frame on second paper, than we glued in few pieces of cloth on the paper. Finally, we glued the frame on the second piece of paper, which had the animal. That decorated it perfectly, and showed texture.

By Alice

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Electro Mania!

In Rimu house we are doing a science rotation in groups from 41,42,29 and the best class 30!
 Group 3 were with Mr Mossop,
With Mr Mossop we made electro magnets .
This is what we got up to!

By Haylee

Gummy Soda

In Rimu house we are doing science rotations. One of the rotations was with Mrs Mills. We made gummy soda!

We all got into groups of three and we added the ingredients together and stirred it in a pot. We had choices of what flavour we wanted for our fizzy drink.

Here are some photos:

It turned to jelly when it set after we had put it in the fridge for a few days!

By Amelie

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Science Rotations!

In Rimu House we are doing Science Rotations! This is what we got up to!

In Miss Campbell's class group 2 were were learning about the 3 states of matter. Solid, liquids and gas. Usually you can't see gas so we decided to make bubbles! We made bubbles because it's a gas we can see! 

We set up your area with a towel and clear table. We made up a half recipe of bubble mixture, in the bubble mixture there was dishwashing liquid, water, and Glycerine. We dipped the straw into the mixture and practised blowing bubbles slowly on the end of the straw.

We practised touching your bubble onto dry things (the dry table, your dry finger, a dry pen). We sprayed the table. We practised blowing the bubble onto a wet table. We measured and recorded the diameter of our biggest bubbles. We practised cutting our bubbles with a wet straw and other wet objects. We made bubbles within bubbles and popping them individually. We wet our hands hand and picked up a bubble. Then we experimented to see what else we could do with the bubbles. And people found out that you can blow the bubble along a surface as long as it’s wet.When you wet your hand with water you can make bubbles in your hand.You can connect bubbles together: pop the barrier.You can make bubble shapes. And you need patience. Blow slowly. It was really fun working with Miss Campbell learning about the 3 states of matter. Here are some photos!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Camp 2015!

Camp 2015 was awesome! Everyone had a great time. Check out the video to see what we got up to!

By Haylee :)